Downderry and Seaton Residents' Association

Downderry ResidentsThis local amenity group - membership of which is open to all local residents - was set up in the 1970s in response to a local need - at that time associated with the boat-owners and their use of the beach and slipway. Since then the Association has been involved in many local issues, including in recent years, saving the village telephone box in the Centre of Downderry and local posting box in the east-end of the village. In recent times the Association also arranged one of the largest gatherings in the village when local people were able to demonstrate the opposition to a proposed green site development of private housing and commercial interests.

The Association is alive to helping with local issues and keeping the local community informed of changes that will affect them, always working in close harmony with the local Parish Council but always reserving the right to an independent point of view.

Seaton Residents

Their website can be found here Downderry And Seaton Residents Association,