Turning Tide

Turning Tide was set up in May 2009 with the use of lottery funding specifically awarded to the Deviock Parish to celebrate living by the sea.
The money awarded was used to set up workshops and activities aimed at various ages in order that the whole community could benefit from the funding. These activities included: Knotting workshop, kayaking, wreath making, snorkelling, mask making and costume making plus many many more.
Past events have included the 'Big Lunch', a Film Premiere on the beach and the Christmas Lantern Procession.
In January 2010 Turning Tide became a constituted voluntary organisation which aims to provide events throughout the year to encourage community cohesion and embrace new people who move into the area. We are a group of like minded people who come together in a voluntary capacity to set up and run the events for the whole community to join in. We do not take payment for our involvement and welcome any volunteers who would like to get involved. Please contact us via our contacts page. We do try to fund raise and also gain grants for events. We have in the past received support from the local parish council for Christmas lights, which are now a community resource.