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Heathers Blog Spot - April

The Local neighbouthood plan is being updated, more info at the Deviock Parish website
The Downderry Memorial Gardens clean-up, possible transfer of responsibilities is ongoing.

Update on my foot

Thank you for all your well wishes, my foot is getting better, I can now walk without the crutches, and have managed a hobble or two on the beach, so definately on the mend.

Mum Came to Stay for the Weekend

My mum came to stay, and knowing I couldn't go out and about, she came with a project for me - idle hands and all that.

Her friend had a crocheted doily to put on the top of her milk jug, to keep the flies off in the summer - that's assuming we ever see the sun again!!!!, and this was rather old (1930's), and showing the signs of wear, so my job for the weekend, was to chrochet 3 of them. One for use, one for the wash, and one ready in the drawer.Doilys

My crocheting days are further behind me than my knitting ones, and I also not ever as well honed, so after a few false starts with 2 ply wool, I got out the crochet thread and made a stab at them - nothing to win pizes, but just about good enough to keep out the pesky flies - now my mum wants some too!!

Don't forget, the craft group, every third Tuesday at the Zone, Downderry, 2.00-4.00, April 16th!




Then the dogs went to the groomers


Holly hates me grooming her, and dislikes the groomers a little less, one or the other has to happen, so the groomers it is. If you ever go past my house, and hear screeming like a banshee, it's me bathing Holly, she is not a water dog! I end up soaking wet, and so does the bathroom floor!
Even with her posh hair-cut, she some how manages to look scruffy, and the new red bed we've brought for her doesn't seem to bring her out in smiles either. Aloof as ever, overseeing proceedings.

Alfie, on the other hand, loves me grooming him, but with the foot having to be kept up, I wasn't able to do him this time. Fortunately he loves the groomers too, he thinks (hmm.. thinking and Alfie don't normally go together!) being groomed is wonderful, all that attention. His posh haircut still looks like it's posh. Actually, Alfie loves everyone and everything, and as you can see, prefers laps to beds!

An un eventful March, here's hoping we get some lovely sunshine and WARMTH in April!