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Heathers Blog Spot - February

Well, I thought I may waffle on a bit here about stuff that may be happening, or upcoming, around and about in Downderry and the area, or maybe I’ll choose something each month to highlight.
So, the weather and it’s affects have been mentioned in abundance, so nothing more about this, apart from today – the 2nd February, because it is SUNNY!

Downderry Memorial Garden

The Downderry Memorial Garden is looking a bit bedraggled, and has been for a while now. I walk through most mornings after walking the dogs on the beach, and have noticed it has been in gentle decline since Cornwall Council has been “in charge”.

I have also noticed that people can’t be bothered to pick up after their dogs, even inches form the bins! Maybe we could do one of those stencil things they’ve started in Looe to remind people what to do.

Tim, our trusty Deviock Parish Clerk has asked for volunteers to bring it back to its’ former glory, I have put my name forwards, if you want to get in contact and put in some time, contact

Tim at
phone 01503 250052, hours are Wednesdays 2pm-4pm and Thursdays 9am-12noon, the Vestry, St Nicholas Church.

Photographic Club

I also hear that the Photographic Club is trying to get off the ground, and I’m wondering if my attempts at photographs on this website, and my basic messing up of photoshop could do with improvement (did you notice the apartments behind the memorial have changed to clouds?)….I am hoping for a new camera for my birthday, so maybe I’ll give it a go. Ron Daniel is the contact -

New Craft Club

The first meeting of the Craft Club (name yet to be decided) met at the Coastal Zone in Downderry, it's going to be every third Tuesday of the month at 2.00-4.00, come along and join us on the 19th Feb. We had a great chat over tea, coffee and biscuits and doing our crafts.
I hadn’t done any crafts for years (more than 20) so, to practice, I crocheted an EWOK before I went, however, I have never been any good at finishing off, and couldn’t get the hood right at all. I had loads of help there, and the finished article is on the left, it may not look like the bees knees, but it’s hundreds of times better than what I was doing before……I may get extra tips when I take it back to the next meeting!

I also decided that I needed to do a tea cosy, as the one I had purchased had seen better days, and many cups of tea, so I started off that at the meeting, and the finished article is also pictured on the left – very useful and bright! I even remembered how to do the pom-pom, and I have now passed the pattern on to others interested in the same.

We are chatting about what we should do, and the type of craft activities we could learn in the future, so a very good start.

That's it for now, next blog spot at the beginning of March

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