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Heathers Blog Spot - July

Well, I've been busy, and not blogged for a while, so this is an update....

Seaton Butterfly Garden

The foot is fine now, so I've been volunteering in the butterfly garden in Seaton.

Some "before" pictures on the left, I'm attacking the back path and edge - there is a lot of brambles, ivy, river reed, and anything else with stubborn roots, they are choking the bushes and plants, so at the moment it's a hack and pull job. there are much easier bits than can be done, like weeding the herb part, or pruning, so don't let me put you off. Most wednesdays from about 10.30am Tina and I will be pulling, weeding and trimming, so please come along and help out. Also, if you are good at planning a garden, we'd love some ideas on how to plan/replant some of the areas.

The honeysuckle and rock roses smell devine at the moment.

If you are doing some work and come across a pair of glasses, then they're probably mine, a tricky bramble fought back and whacked me!

Don't forget the balsam bash in the valley on 25th July, and in August, there is the Seaton Park MOTH night on 17th, and the Seaton Park Childrens event on the 31st.

Arty-crafty stuff

It's the arts and craft show starting Saturday 6th July in the Downderry WMC (Village hall) for just over a week, and I've been doing stuff for the show/sale...along with others from the craft group


I've crocheted some bookmarks, some examples on the left, I quite like the spider web, with the spider trailing out of the book, I might do one for myself....the photo doesn't really do them justice - but I would say that, wouldn't I?

I've done quite a few hats and scarves, but they probably won't be selling, as the temperature is due to go to 22 plus.....still, I'd rather have the warm weather, than have to be wrapped up warmly.

tea cosy


There's baby buggy/cot blankets, a couple of baby cardis, and the obligatory tea-cosys....I hope people can tell the difference between the tea-cosys and hats, or they could be in for a surprise.





Then, my sister wanted a 60's style beadspread, for her birthday,so, always up for the challenge, I've crocheted one, believe it or not, the colours are brighter than in the picture, sunglasses required!

She's down at the beginning of August, so I'll let you know her thoughts - if they are publishable.





Don't forget there is also a baking fest and table top sale in the WMC (Village Hall) on Saturday 21st July, the WI are organising it, so I will definately be there to sample some (or lots ) of the baking.

.....then it will be nearly time for the carnival, and I may even be in the parade - if I've time to make an outfit