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Heathers Blog Spot - March

Update on my foot

Thank you for all your well wishes, my foot is getting better, I can now walk without the crutches, and have managed a hobble or two on the beach, so definately on the mend.

Seaton Beach

The before and after of Seaton beach is still remarkable, so, although I said last month I'd not pontificate about it, after two weeks of relatively dry, if dull, weather, I've put a couple af before and after pictures on the left, will we ever be back to "normal"? Whatever that is.

The new Craft Club pushes me over the edge..............

Full of enthusiasm for the craft club, I decided I would try to knit something with the fashion-type wool that is now available, I thought I'd try the fluffy stuff called "eyelash".

So, I went on e-bay, and bid, and lost, and bid, and lost, for about a week, however, I wasn't going to pay very much - being the scrooge that I am, so one day I bid for 4 separate lots of 20 x 50gm balls, thinking that maybe I might get one if I w|Fluffy hat and scarf in Downderryas lucky.

The auctions ended in the early hours, so when I logged in, after walking the dogs, behold, I had won ALL FOUR lots - oh dear! 80 balls of wool to knit up into something.

I have started, and this is a hat and scarf I've finished, but that's only 6 balls, don't tell the relatives, but guess what they are getting for Christmas!!!!

Don't forget, every third Tuesday at the Zone, Downderry, 2.00-4.00, you can even see how to make a rug from an old duvet. April 16th!


And then I danced

We had the pleasure of being invited to a 25th anniversary of our friends heart transplant - a great party, and I danced a lot.
The last-but-one dance included a bit of a knees up, unfortunately my friend and I swung our feet towards each other, and her boot connected with the top of my foot and OOOOOOOCH! I went off to bed with a bag of ice, however, visits to A+E (not broken) then doctors etc, saw me back in A+E a week later for a minor op to remove the large haematoma and clean it out.

It’s now two weeks after the celebrations, and I’m still laid up, just about able to hobble, painfully, to the loo. You’d think at my age I’d know better – however, looking on the bright side, it’s given me a lot of time to knit!!!!!

I'll take this opportunity to say thankyou to Dr. Fullalove.

That's it for now, next blog spot at the beginning of April, hopefully I will then be on my feet and able to help out with Memorial Gardens.

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