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Seaton Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden 1

butterfly and bee



Watching the Rafters

raft race downderry

inn on the shore raft

milkers raft

paddlersdownderry raft race

Heathers Blog Spot - September

Lots of things have been happening over the last few weeks, so lots of pictures.

From the last blog - my sister loved the crocheted blanket - no accounting for taste!

Garden and Produce Show

I won 4 Trophies!!!!!!!! at the garden and produce show at the village (Dan was on hols), knitting, hat, and graphics, so polish up your skills for next time, as I don't want to clean the trophies again!

The show was excellent, especially considering the weather we've had, lots of excellent flowers, fruit and veg, and children's section, not to mention the odd shape carrot. The Trerieve co-op won a prize at their first ever entry, so give it a go next year.

Seaton Butterfly Garden

If anyone wants to help out, Martina and I are there most Wednesdays from about 10.15am. please come along, there's easy bits and difficult bits, you can take your pick!, and if you want a specific bit to do, and look after, then that's good, and any ideas are always welcome.
We had a few visitors on Wednesday, and one group were having a great time sat at one of the benches having a picnic, with their baby in the buggy in the shade of the arch....they say they come off the beach specifically to have their lunch there.

I have decided to tackle the back bit, and am currently at war with river weed, the roots are worse than bamboo, and this stretch is about 9 inches deep of overlapping roots, with ivy interlaced, just to make it easy! I am determined to clear it and have a couple of butterfly/bee bushes in by the end of October, such as Hebe and Buddleia. I hope I don't bend any more prongs in my fork!

I've posted a couple of pictures of the butterflies on the left.


downderry WI group twinning group









The carnival was great, ending at the school this year, with BBQ and soft drinks, it went down well with all concerned, and a wonderful time was had by all, there are lots of categories and prizes, and funds are raised for the Village Hall. There were loads of people cheering the parade along, and the Carnival Queen looked a treat.

seaton swampgadget man and queenwonderwoman












The Raft Race

And finally, the raft race, organised by the Village Hall comittee. This was lovely weather to start with, but it did get a bit chilly towards the end, which was fine, as that was a good excuse for a pint from the pub, and two - yup two - burgers and onions from the BBQ. The rafters must have been much cooler than me, given a lot of them ended in the briny, but they didn't seem to mind. Loads of people set off at Seaton and walked along with them, and everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time, well done all of you, early birds (milking cows) or latecomers. A special thankyou to the RNLI, who patrolled, amongst others,to ensure there were no mishaps.

body boarder raft race latcomers in raft racernli at downderry raft race